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A fast and full recovery for an easier childbirth experience that is likely to be free of post-pregnancy complications will be yours with a personal Jade Egg practice. The Healing benefits of practice will be especially remarkable for women who have vaginal childbirths.

The pelvic floor muscles are a sheet-like muscle that when well-toned, are elastic and strong, and facilitate a relatively painless childbirth by allowing the vagina to open thereby assisting with easy passage of the baby and recovering with resilience. Weakened pelvic floor muscles, however, cause a difficult and painful birth experience, because of the substantial pressure that pregnancy places on the already weakened musculature.  Weak pelvic floor muscles sometimes even lead to a prolapsed uterus, a serious post-pregnancy malady.  

The Jade Eggs Exercises are designed to help you to isolate the appropriate muscles in order to tone and strengthen them progressively.  This increases the ease of childbirth and quick recovery, as well as helping you to avoid the debilitating circumstances of weak vaginal and pelvic floor muscles that can take precious time to recover their original resilience. The shorter recovery time will enhance you and your partner's time with your new baby and together without complications or distractions.

After childbirth, most women experience a stretching of the vagina and nerve loss resulting in decreased sexual sensitivity, while their partners also feels decreased stimulation and sexual enjoyment.  Just a few minutes of using the Jade Eggs , every other day will greatly increase healing and tightening of the vagina in addition to being a pleasant and relaxing way to tone the vaginal muscles with efficacy and ease.  In this way, the enjoyment of sex is also enhanced for you and your partner, more quickly than if it is left to natural circumstances.  Your partner's participation in exercising can make practice an even more rewarding and intimate experience.  Having well-toned vaginal organs is not just an essential component to living an easier, obstacle-free life, it also has healthy sexual benefits!

It is truly wonderful how the vaginal muscles will heal and restore their healthy function through exercising with the help of the naturally inspired design. The pelvic floor and vaginal muscles respond well to short exercise sessions with the right tool.  Proper exercise increases blood flow into the urogenital area and enables the healing and regeneration of vaginal sensitivity, allowing you to improve and restore youthfulness to your vagina

The natural flow of hormones is enhanced through training and practice, which will also contribute to youthful skin and improved genital tone. It is also important to realize, anything that improves your overall health in pregnancy directly improves your infant's health and well being. Done correctly, this is potentially one of the most beautiful times of your life.

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