Sexy Mama

Sexy mama It is a known fact that nurturing sexual activity during pregnancy is hormonally good for the woman as well as the baby.


If you are in good health, exercising with the Jade eggs will improve your health and overall wellbeing as well as the health of your baby. This is not the time to refrain from your healthy support systems. If your pregnancy is at risk, please consult your chosen health advisor before any such activities are engaged.

    When it is time for you not to engage in nurturing sex, you will instinctually know. The process of birth is a totally natural experience. This is a time when you can enhance your instinctual knowledge that aided our ancestors in proper choices. You want to be proactive in this experience to enhance your possibilities of a totally amazing and positive experience. Healthy interactions with your partner provide a special and precious environment for you and your baby. By continuing to improve your health as your baby grows, your recovery after the birth of your child will be shorter and the relationship with your partner will be deepened.
   If your pregnancy has been at risk, after the birth of your child, the use of the Jade eggs will assist you in improving your overall health as well as your sexual confidence. There is nothing more beautiful then a well loved pregnant woman. In this age of extreme dieting measures healthy pregnancies full of nurturing and nutrition will go a long way for you and your baby's health. The acquired confidence you create during this time will assist you as you give birth and in your recovery time. You know how special this time is for all of you, give it all you can.
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