Preparing for pregnancy

While you are preparing for your pregnancy, you can also enhance your sexual experience that will sustain you and your partner and continue to be a source of pleasure and joy throughout your intimate life.



The skills you develop now can enhance your personal life as well as your overall physical health. Through the process of carrying a child and giving birth, it is a known fact that exercise can make a significant difference in your experience. Your gynecologist will most likely recommend Kegel exercises to enhance vaginal health for pregnancy and childbirth. Prevent problems before they occur.

  Dr Kegel specifically warned against merely doing exercises without resistance. Ironically two of the most natural processes a woman faces in her life- child birth and aging - can tax her femininity with weakened pelvic floor muscles.
This often leads to bladder seepage and diminished sexual pleasure. Doctors recommend Kegel exercises. Honestly, who wants to do 300 Kegel contractions a day for 4-6 months to get any results? The ancient knowledge of the Chinese practiced by the elite can now change your health. By following the simple exercises with the Jade eggs, you can improve your overall health as well as regain your feminine gifts quickly after the birth of your child. You want both a healthy child and a wonderful sexual life with your partner. Now you can have both. You will be eternally grateful you did this. (So will he!)
  Statistically, approximately 30% of women giving birth will experience temporary or permanent incontinence. Pregnancy and childbirth dramatically stretch the muscles, often causing actual damage.
  Surveys show that over 90% of the women interviewed noticed a difference in their vaginal embrace. In most cases, damage is reversible through a specific exercise program. Customer opinions indicate results after a few weeks of regular use. (5 to 10 minutes a day) When the desired results are experienced, exercises can be reduced to a few times a week.


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